Waterfalls for the whole family

Tekala Forest Reserve

From Kuala Lumpur , if you proceeding south along the regular highway, you could help but see a huge signboard informing passer-by that there are 3 waterfalls;

Tekala Gabai Batangsi

It is easier to reach Tekala through Semenyih; there is a left turn just before the edge of town. The road leads to Sungei Lalang and the Semenyih dam. Proceed straight on the nice country road. Go past the Chinese Memorial Park, and a little distance, there will be cars along the roadside. Weekdays and all other days alike, there will be crowd.

The picnic destination had become a household name. The response had encouraged the forestry department to enhance this locality into a first class weekend retreat for the town folks.

This signboard at the park area, slightly away from the main walk path confirms that you have reached the appropriate site.

Tekala is small river running through a valley with gentle slopes. The authority has now constructed a concrete walkways by the hillside to facilitate reaching the highest cascade.

Education Park

The highlights and also living up to its promise as an education Park is this 2.6 kilometers A-Z track
The Forestry Department has a beautiful set-up in this place. So over the weekend, a walk through this trail is definitely worthwhile and educational.