Waterfalls for the whole family

Open air bath for the Beachcombers

Some 30 years ago, this was a serene place with a beautiful river with waterfalls and flowing into a patch of wetlands. We could go for pleasant outings, lazing beneath the fall and ending up the day by catching some tropical fishes for the aquarium.

Today, the waterfall is still there.

Many years had passed. Resorts and hotels are filling up the beaches and also the hinterland.

This fall is inside a dirt road directly opposite the Bayview Pacific Hotels.

There is a signboard marked " Chin Er Farm" at the start of the road. Follow this road and move along the riverbank that can be seen now. Currently, construction is on going perhaps for another condominium.

After 500 meters, cross the bridge and there is a car park.

A caretaker who collects Rm 2 for each car appears to be supervising the place as well.

On the right of the car park there is a flight of steps that leads visitors over the boulders where the river flows.

The fall at the time of our visit had a reasonable amount of water. 

During those other times we were at the place; there was hardly any water at all. The quality of water was good, clean, clear and gave a pleasant feeling lying the path of the cool flowing water.

This place is popular with the locals, so avoid the weekends.

The caretaker has set up souvenir shops, a café and changing rooms.

Just a word of caution, the area around the fall is filthy. It is littered with leftovers from the picnickers.

This shows that either the rubbish is so much that the operator could not cope with the volume or he could not afford the cost of cleaning up.