Waterfalls for the whole family

Chamang Fall

After leaving Bentong town for a kilometer on the way to Raub, take the left turn towards the direction of the Chinese cemetery. You will see this junction very soon. A 10-kilometer bitumen road, which meanders along the river within its basin, takes visitors to a forest reserve.

When you are greeted by this signboard, the waterfall is near.

Another 300 meter is a public car park and a few steps down to the banks, the camping area. Staying in the car park area is safe, otherwise the raining season will bring with it danger and flash flood to the bank that is at a much lower level than the car park.

If you are longing for ferocious looking falls and dislike trekking or even walking, then Chamang is the right choice. The unyielding rocky hillside resisted the force of the river but finally give in to having a tall vertical drop.

But by sheer size of the river, the rushing water makes the scene equally dramatic.

There is the full view of the cascade - from the top of the mountain pass and down to mid way pool. This drop alone is 20 meters. In front of which a rather broad, deep and luring pool.

Not for swimming

This is the scene of that single cascade approximately 80 meters tall and above the waterfall shown on top.

The surfaces of the boulders or rock surfaces had been grinded smooth, looks dangerous but it is possible to track up the cascade.

You can make your way up the cascades by moving cautiously on the rock. Be warned - the type of rocks here is well smoothened by the abrasive forces. Fairly good grip when dry. Our advice is- find another waterfall area to do your river trekking.

Outside the car park area, there was an old logging trail, at the spot opposite the signboard for the waterfall. The track will move up the hill slope to an area when the river begins its descend.

Activities for those visiting the waterfall is confined to a more timid stretch [very small area] after the drop. There is no noticeable pool at the base as the river moves into a rapid.

The river at this point is approximately 25 meters wide with depth of 0.5 meter to one meter. As the river is in its rapid stage, the flow of water is extremely strong. Only at this tiny patch, visitors get sight of the river, beyond this the river dropped swiftly among the boulders again.

Mr. Ryan Teh someone familiar with the area felt that it is good to bring to the awareness of intending visitors of the danger posed by this waterfall. 

It is so enchantingly beautiful that many picnickers by virtue of the crowd and enthusiasms, explore the vicinity of the waterfall. Particularly luring are the open air cascades. 

Mishaps had occurred in many spots. The most notorious is at the vertical fall marked "D". This is the left fall after the 2nd rock, it goes underground and join the pool of the right fall. 

The Waterfall area is still open and recently, the access road widened and the car park re-paved.

We share his observation. The broad water swept but dry cascade surface looks tempting and challenging for new comer to walk up its slope. Some where in the center of the cascade, are narrow channels for bather to lie in and get messaged. However within one of these, is an underground funnel where the river disappear. Broad enough for human body to be sucked in. The river then joins the large pool again through under ground waterways.