Waterfalls for the whole family

The Kanching Waterfalls

Part 2- Visiting the waterfalls

Like many waterfalls elsewhere, there are also 7 Waterfalls in the the Kanching Park

At the start of the paved walkways to the picnic areas, this signboard was previously erected to guide visitors to the 7 falls.

Their names and walking time were tabulated to assist visitors making their plans. 

There are paved steps to trek up to the destination of their choice and capabilities. 

With such a wide choice, this staggered picnic area is a tremendously popular weekend destination.

Lately, this signboard has been removed, perhaps the Forestry Department who manages the park feels that they should not publicize the waterfalls.  

The place is really over crowded on weekends and  the enthusiasm of the inexperience picnickers had led to some incidences with the precarious terrain.

This artificially made arch in the middle of a forest with vine, marks the entrance to the paved walkway that leads to the first 4 waterfalls.


Some 300 meters from the arch, take the right turn off and follow a level path.


The 1st waterfall, Lata Bemban. 

Not many holidaymakers stop by this Lata Bemban; the leveled space is limited and unable to take large group.



The real picnic area starts with this 2nd waterfall. It is appealing to families who have chosen not to continue the uphill walk. The bridge joins both banks to generate more resting area; the lower end of the drop ends in gentle slopes. Crowd feel comfortable with the uneven rock surfaces as long as they are not steep.

2nd fall is Lata Terentang



Below, the 3rd waterfall and the focal point of the crowd.  To reach this waterfall, the paved walkway with a small gradient is a smooth ascend.

There is a fair size pool, with little level ground. The hill slope on the left has a narrow ledge, upon which stand a  shed is erected for picnickers to keep their dry belongings.

3rd Waterfall





Just behind the shed, the path now ascend steeply with one flight of continuous steps. 

The total ascend of some 300 feet follow the bank of Lata Kapur

4th waterfall

Lata Kapur

This is the mid section as the fall and lack of space evades wide angle lens.

Some view of the stairways.

The terrain, the unduly long stairways may frighten picnickers, requires the two subsequent flights to be placed out of alignment. 

The steep climb also the natural barrier that separates the normal crowd from the adventurers and courting couples.


Before the river goes into a mood of falling continuously over 4 steep cascades,  the river takes a breather too.

It is a good view to see a narrow plain high up among the hills, where the river is tame.


The path to reach here is on a fairly steep slope, undefined but well trodden ground  over buttress and exposed roots.

5th waterfall 

Lata Tembusu

Small pond, small crowd, there is also another shelter here just like all the other waterfalls.

The last and highest shelter

The path after this picnic area constrict tremendously as it goes under the thicket of dense vegetations. For the first time, the path leads away from the waterfall. But only for 50 meters!

The magnificent view of yet another very tall waterfall

6th Lata Gapis

The end of the track for picnickers, except for some foolhardy hikers who perch themselves some where mid way of this waterfall

Part 3- Adventure to find new waterfalls

This next part may not be suitable for family outing. It is not dangerous but too strenuous for children.

After a while, most hikers will get tired of watching waterfalls. They get more courage to defray their boredom. So focus on the challenges ahead.

You can reach  the top - Yes, of all the waterfalls. That is where the series first started. After all the picnic area, comes a refreshing change from pathways and concrete steps. Reaching this point after the 5th waterfall, adventure has started.

Only the strong willed and the outdoor type are here.

Follow the banks on both side of the waterfall. This picture shows the track on the left. Very steep, over roots and rocks. The right flank is easier with exposed roots that are denser. 

If you must find a away to disappear for a weekend. This is a fantastic destination to spend your Sunday morning, a short but strenuous hike of only 45 minutes, and just 30 minutes drive from town.