Waterfalls for the whole family

Gabai Falls

Take the Ulu Langat Road, there are 2 small hamlets, Bt14 and Bt18 { "Bt" the local short form for milestone}. After the 2nd village; take the right turning into a road going towards Semenyih or Kampong Sungei Lui.

The road now passes through authentic rural road with pleasant view of Malay cottages with orchards on both sides. Don’t get so distracted by the scenery! Look out for the sign on your left after seeing a milestone that marks 39, a huge signboard should prompt you the way to the falls. This is the signboard having similar designs as the type that can be seen along Cheras Road, they are on both sides of the junction.

There is a huge signboard but there in no other sign at the junction of this very narrow orchard road. 

In March Durian flowers scattered all along the road without houses. 

At last, there was this gigantic Mansion 85% complete but abandoned. What an unearthly looking castle in this hidden paradise

The waterfall car park was kept absolutely clean as compared to that dreaded Sendat in Ulu Yam. The young attendant lost no time in collecting parking fee.

This well paved but narrow road will lead you to a small car park and this signboard. If you are here on weekdays, there are car parking lots available otherwise it will be tricky to find a space on this narrow and confined road.

Gabai is a "real" waterfall with water gushing down steep cascades. This is the welcoming cascade of 30 meters in height, preceded by a similar one immediately on top.

This is a tall fall over 50 meters high. 

In fact if you are observant enough, on the road in, you could swear that the white streak seen against the mountain slope is part of the waterfall. 

This imperfect  picture almost flattened a perfectly near vertical cascade.

For those of you, who are shocked by the height of this waterfall, do not wish to torture yourself with steps OR it is too crowded up there, a consolation, a small pool. 

But this last gush is almost near vertical. You will not like the force created by the falling water too!

The nice part of Gabai is the hike up the hills. There are 300 over steps up. Here you will find more cascades with a pool at the end of each.

Of course the view from the top, it is worth the effort and at last on top of the waterfall, you will be rewarded with a low vertical waterfall of 3 meters tall!