Waterfalls for the adventurous

The tallest Waterfall in South East Asia - Stong

Most non-Kelantanese will find it difficult to comprehend landmarks mentioned to fix the where about of this waterfall. But, do not be despair, it is not difficult to reach. Study these possibilities. 

Option 1] By car, from the junction town of Jeli on the East-West Highway, take the road south - 48 kilometers towards Kampong Jelawang. This tiny settlement may not appear on most map, most locals along the way can guide you to this famous landmark. After a third of the way, the Pergau river runs parallel on the left to join the Sungei Galas. The road passes through very sparsely populated area with riverside villages. Landmark at destination? This is an open land, a couple of shop houses, a Y junction and a big Waterfall in the hills on your right. From here on follow the signage!

Long before entering the town of Dabong, from the east, this waterfall can be seen over 8 kilometers away. It releases water from the Stong Mountain Range at a saddle. The word "Stong" actually derived from the English word "stone" Early travelers were fascinated that the mountain range is made up of one huge boulder. The name of "stone hill" was gradually accepted and cut short to "Stong"!
Option 2] By car. - Reachable by road from the new Gua Musang/Kuala Krai Trunk Road. Head for Dabong, a 48 kilometers after a right turn off from the north bound Trunk Road. There an easy river crossing send passengers to the Jelawang side. 

   Option 3] The easiest way. Reaching Stong long ago and for those who depends on public transport means taking an overnight train to stop in Dabong. This is a quaint township with almost no traffic and narrow roads.  You can reach the resort by moving or walking along beautifully paved "kampong" road for 5 kilometers. More details repeated below.

Though not officially confirmed, reliable sources had claimed that the Stong Waterfall is about 270 meters tall, making it the tallest in South East Asia. [see below] 
From the compound of the resort, a 10 minute climb will take you to the bottom of the main waterfall. Here the water from the wet seasons have made a gigantic clearings in the rock face.

Watch the sky if you intend to remain here for some time or spend overnight camping. Water will fill the place rather swiftly

The picture [left under] very beautiful and clear shots are donated by Mr. James Lim of Singapore

The water overflowing over a protrusion or ledge before hurling down the near vertical cliff wall.

 The actual scene is very dramatic, see our model on the right photograph on top!



This is the main scene but not the only one

Here is a cute little waterfall in the midst of the rack face where one can have a swell time to play in the tiny deep pool

Another trail leads to the top of this main waterfall, and with more trekking? another 6 waterfalls!

For those not interested in climbing, the area around the resort is a perfect retreat. We have seen a tree with unusual anchorage. A suspension bridge taking visitor across the gorge. Offering them a panoramic view of the basin plus the base of yet another waterfall area. A nice pool with clear water to has made the vicinity wholesome.

The resort can organize a host of programme.  From a simple climb around the main waterfall, upstream to find more waterfalls or hike up to Gunong Stong or Gunong Ayam.

All can be arranged - book in advance and just bring yourself.

While this picture shows the administrative office of Stong Perdana Resorts, there are 15 chalets on top of the Waterfalls available at budgeted price. Meals are also being served .

There has been a change in management since December 2000.

This is En. Rahmat Shamsudin - proprietor, caretaker and tour organizer.

Call him at 019 954 6171 or E-Mail stonggrd@tm.net.my for enquiries and booking

He will be glad to show you not only the waterfalls, the hills but also beautiful caves.

Note:- Most holiday makers come by train. Get yourself to Dabong, Kelantan, it is a long haul from Tampin. From the train station, it is a 5 minutes walk to boat crossing at Sungei Galas. Taxi drivers stationed across the river are available at the train station to solicit for business and will guide you to the river crossing. If not, you cannot get lost. Ferry crossing is Rgt2. Then the taxi fare to the resort is Rgt3. If you have booked in advance, someone will even pick you up. If not, there will be others on freelance.

Some facts - Highest peak in that vicinity is Gunong Noring Timor -1,861 meters overshadowed by the taller Gunong Noring - 1,889 meters to the west. 

Ton Te waterfalls some 46 kilometers from Trang town claimed to be 320 meters tall.