Waterfalls  for the adventurous

A waterfall we named Genting Sampah

From the Semenyih Dam, there is a mountain road that cut across the States boundaries of Selangor and Negri Sembilan.

Go along that road from the Selangor side, the boundary is at the Pass. Just a couple of kilometers before reaching that point, watch out among the hill slope of the left. This white streaks can be seen!

To access the "Orang Asli " village that is the gate way to this waterfall. Look for a way down the slope on the left . It is at some 100 meters before this view point, you would have pass a left 'Y' turning .

From that junction, the track will quickly lead to an open area! It is a compound where villagers barter their produce with fruit collectors. This is the car park, from here track narrows to cross a bridge.

A couple of "snake bends" trail winds towards an "Orang Asli settlement. This is a fair size village with about 15 houses standing on a hillock... The mountain and the forest is on the "opposite" side across another shallow valley. If you dare venturing out on your own, follow one of the numerous trails which we believe will lead to the waterfall.

As we proceeded from the valley to climb uphill, the level path that we were moving on though badly overgrown, bared reminiscence of an old timber lorry trail!

At that moment, it was then a very narrow single trail. At one point , we were crawling through fallen branches of a tree. It was a short trek of less than an hour before the way started moving up the slope again.

That was also the sign and time that we should be departing the "track". Instead of moving up off the trial, we headed down into a ravine to the river. The river was quickly reached with a few minutes. From there on, it was river trekking over the rocks.

It was not pleasant as the trek went over boulders and up the flowing stream. There then a final turn and the we were at the base of the waterfall. It was a very steep cascade.

A few meters up from the base, we were at the clearing seeing a deep valley ahead and the main road across the valley! All those trekking and a guide fees of RM20. Another clever guy who tacked along without our request also received a tip from us for being such comforting companions.

A small price for one weekend of adventure