Sungai Tua Falls (Closed)

State Selangor
LocationAlong route Jln Ulu Yam Bharu - Batu Caves
Coordinates and map N03 19.91' E101 42.15'
Water SourceSg. Garu, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileSegmented Cascade Fall

Sg Tua Fall used to be a popular recreational spot in the past but is permanently closed to the general public for unknown reasons. It once had basic shelters and huts but is now neglected and almost non-existent.

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Sg Tua Fall

The parking area by the road shoulder is barricaded blocking any vehicles from parking.(Image 1) The situation is not helped by the narrow road shoulder along the stretch of the road which makes it impossible to park safely. The lack of visitors however does help reduce litter by irresponsible visitors.

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Image 1

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Sungai Tua Falls (Closed) : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

satindolls2008 17-06-2011
Opposite of the small catchment (pool) according to the 2nd pic, there is another LOWER tier of the falls where there is also a concrete trail/stairway leading DOWNWARDS to a green-colored hanging bridge (be warned that HALF the stairway has been washed away and there is a diversion turning RIGHT through a short jungle walk that can lead to the concrete walkway and the green hanging bridge and eventually the lower tier of the P3 falls where there is also toilet/washroom facilities - sorry NO pics as yet as I only went there for a RECCE)
Pidot96 21-11-2010
Hello! I am Firdaus. I want to ask, whether I can camp at Sungei tua? Will have to pay fee?
andrewckj 06-04-2010
Went there back in February 2010. The park were still quite well maintained minus the part where people keep littering around=.= For more pictures and my review, do check out my blog post about this waterfall at
TCB 26-04-2009
I have been to P2 a few times. Have not try P3. Anyway P2 is suitable for families as it is a stream not a waterfall. Quite shallow so no worries if you are bringing kids along. The trek is also very easy.