Lata Kijang

State Negeri Sembilan
LocationNear Kg Esok
Coordinates and map N03 11.72' E101 59.26'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileVertical Fall
Accessibility4WD advisable

The Kijang waterfall has the reputation that it might be the tallest waterfall in Peninsular Malaysia. The name should not be confused with Lata Kinjang, in Perak. Access to the fall is from Kg Esok. Quality of the road is reasonable, but a 4WD is advisable. The distance to the fall is about 20 km and you will pass Felda settlements and small kampungs on your way

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Unspoilt nature. The 'autumn' colors are actually new leaves

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The access road is reasonable.

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Don't worry, this bridge is no longer in use.

There are several placec which are suitable for camping. But not near the fall itself. In the past some effort has been done to upgrade the site, but everything has fallen into disrepair.
The fall itself is impressive, not easy to catch this impression in a picture.

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A suitable campsite, a few km before reaching the fall

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The size of the fall can be judged from the people in the foreground

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From nearby the fall the trail to the Gunung Hantu Besar starts.


Recently a supporter of Waterfalls of Malaysia visited the waterfall from the air! With his kind permission we show here two pictures.

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Helicopter view from far away
© Lim Eng Hoo

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A closer look. Notice the new shed.
© Lim Eng Hoo

UPDATE November 2010

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Flash flooding has recently caused a lot of destruction. As there is risk of more flooding, the fall and its surroundings have been declared out of bounds for the time being by the Negri Sembilan authorities!

Archived page available

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Lata Kijang : Permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

Phil 10-12-2015
I went there the 1st weekeend of December 2015, the road is under heavy renovation and will soon to be a perfect flat and straight double lane highway going to the end of the valley (the last village is Kampung Tohor , located 9 km from the previous intersection when you just left Kampung Chennah , N25 , the big roundabout). Then from kampug Tohor to the gate of the park there is 2 km of road fairly flat but not tarred, if driving slowly a normal car can do it (inflate your tires to get a bit more of ground clearance) . Then from the gate when you have to register the tarred road goes during exactly 4 km uphill and downhill, crossing 2 bridges to reach the parking lot of the waterfall. From there a 2 minutes walking distance to see the waterfall . The jacuzzi-size pool at the bottom was to shallow to swim
roocarroll 28-04-2013
I went there last week to take my Ranger off road for the first time. The road condition isnt bad for 90% of the way but you definitely need a 4X4 for the other 10%. Its a really beautiful waterfall.
John V 17-04-2013
Hei guys, Any latest update on its road condition? Last visit was able to drove my sedan up till the "Astro" Village. Can any 1 share some of your latest experience? Thanks :)
Shahril-Tgk 09-12-2012
Hi there,any update of this waterfall yet??is it opened or not rite now..??
fir 22-11-2011
already open for public....but the waterafall still close for public,any info can contact Pejabat Perhutanan lata kijang 066136500
John V 21-11-2011
Any latest update on Lata Kijang guys?
Starstreak 21-09-2010
Went there on the 18/09/10. The waterfall looks like as though its being bombed. Met Government Surveyors and Contractors at the waterfall doing assessment. They say it happened during one of the nights on the First Week of Bulan Puasa. Heavy nonstop rains lead to flash flood gushing from top and washing away everything it its path. Landslides at the waterfall and trail head of Gunung Hantu Besar, 2nd hut collapse, ponak camp site destroyed. Overall slight changes in the trail, its now more sandy and muddy. Trail now suitable only for real 4WD(Pajero, Hilux, Ranger), not advised for soft 4WD/SUV(Kembara, X-Trail, CRV) Waterfall UNSAFE for Visitors.
Murthy 05-09-2010
This place is not very suitable for camping due to recent landslide which caused damages to the surrounding. Take a look at few pictures:
Jimmy Chow 16-06-2010
13June 2010.We cycle from the Kg.Chennai using MTB all the way in.Took us almost 2 to 3 hours to cycle especially the climb hill part,really killing our legs.At the end a good bath and cycle back out with those steep down hill road.You can check us up at facebook under DPC Team
fir 02-06-2010
4x4 advisable,not suitable for sedan car,last time(02 Jun 2010)i go with my car,kia sportage(this vehicle have tranfer case) its very easy,normal suv also can,like PERODUA KEMBARA(AWD),TOYOTA HARRIER(AWD),CRV(AWD)& car that have 4WD & AWD function.
John V 16-11-2009
Nice to hear that you guys had made it through with a Waja,but next time do invite few more frens with 4 wheel drive as precaution as we cant always predict the road condition or your can just drop us a note here to inform before entering lata kijang...Bravo to you guys there!! (The Sportage guys a.k.a 1984 Nissan Sunny)
Jin Hou 18-10-2009
Awesome waterfall. Made it in with a Waja on 17-18/10/09. Camped overnight at the shelter beside the waterfall. It protected us from the heavy downpour during the night.
Riza 12-05-2009
As of 10/5/09 the big tree blocking the road is cleared. Can drive all the way to the waterfall.
sandra 07-04-2009
sorry to asking question here...if driving a normal car can reach the fall or nt??plan to go there for 1 day trip.
Riza 16-03-2009
The big tree is still there, I dont think its going to be removed soon (or eve). Suggest you park your car when you see a big paved clearing along the way. You cant miss it, its the only big clearing where a bus or lorry can do a u turn. If you decide to drive on to the tree, be ready for a long reverse back up the trail if you are in a big vehicle.
Jan 27-01-2009
In December a big tree has fallen across the road, about 200 m before you reach the fall. Motorbikes can pass, cars cannot. See forum for a picture.
ckc 08-01-2009
went to lata kijang on last yr oct08, can be consider as tar/cement road all the way, only certain section of the road is quite steep. normal sedan definitely can go, but got to drive carefully as it is quite alot of pot holes. we drove there with 4x4, but never got chance to engage the 4x4, as it is consider super highway for us. anyway, when we reach the waterfall, got a 2wd harrier already there. so this trail should be classified as Easy.
chin 26-08-2008
Hi Nathan, Where exactly did you camp? Were you using a tent or hammock? Regards
nathan 08-07-2008
myself with three other friend had went there recently.we camp up there for one night. the experience that we got really unexplainable. everything soo nice here.the falls,the cool water, the surrounding high slope terrains, and the cool wind. really to say,mother nature always at it best.nite is another different experience which we had enjoyed. the fireflies,sound of fall,with clear sky of thousand stars,it simply amazing.true to say, even million dolars cannot be compared to this kind of experience.thanks you lata kijang for such of unforgetable memories
Min Fseng 09-06-2008
The journey to Lata Kijang is awesome, i have fun while travelling there. Guess what! We were driving Nissan Sunny 1984 car (an old car) to get in the place, and we have a professional driver, there were four of us to go there. Along the way, we see a lot of trees and a nice scenery up there! We saw the London Village(aborigine) there as well. The journey is painful for me, my friends said that sitting inside the car just like sitting on the Ogawa Chair...we laughed hilariously on this statement! It was not easy to get there, we have to go down often to push the car from behind and to monitor the car while crossing the bridge and so on. I have shot the video as a proof! Thank god we managed to reach there without fail and with Nissan 1984! I would say AMAZING trip for four of us! Lata kijang is a beautiful waterfall with just single drop!Beware there were many "pajat - blood suck insert" there! hihi :)
liza2311 31-12-2007
Went there 2 days ago. The offroad trail kinda cool! Bridges still in the same condition. The large tree down that blocking the road has been cleared. Thanks to who ever you are we could drive till the end.
barry 04-12-2007
The track is still OK, was there again on Saturday 1/12/07, but a warning about 2 of the bridges that are showing signs of wear and tear. Extreme caution needed when crossing them. There is also a very large tree down about 200m before the end of the roadway. Road is blocked, chainsaw is needed to clear it. This means that if you pass the narrow gap, just before the fallen tree, you have to back out (not a wise move) or do a multi point turn on the very narrow track. The falls are beautiful but there is no sign of maintenance of the shelters, and some rubbish has been dumped
Dennis Madden 07-08-2007
Your Comment Went to the falls yesterday... a fabulous drive and spectacular waterfall. Well worth a visit. The road is now sealed all the way except for 3 km of unsealed road in very bad condition... definitely 4WD country. Tho I guess its this bad road that has protected the falls from over use and abuse. There is a land slide about 500 m from the parking area at the falls... easy to traverse going in but not so easy coming out. The camping ground seems to have reverted to its original role but there appears to be a caretaker in residence. Developments at the falls are the usual tacky Malaysian structures totally out of sympathy with the environment and destined to fall apart from lack of maintenance. The area is clean and well kept and generally litter free Rani n Dennis
Kenneth 25-09-2006
The trail is a great fun for those who want a bit of off-roading experience.
Eric Tan 01-10-2005
There is some construction on-going at this waterfall when I was there last weekend. Seems like development made to make it into some tourist or recreation area. Afraid this might be the end of such a pristine falls among the wild and there is an outdoor camp nearby now.