Tekala Fall

State Selangor
Locationnear the Semenyih Dam
Coordinates and map N03 03.62' E101 52.13' / 3.06095, 101.86608
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileCascade & Vertical Fall

Popular Recreation Park in Ulu Langat

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The Sungei Tekala Recreational Park can be reached from Ulu Langat or from Seminyih. The park is well maintained and popular with visitors.
Cars parked along the road are a clear sign that you have reached the park.

A cemented walkway leads to the cascades.

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Suitable for families with children

First you will reach some cascades, a perfect place to take a bath, enjoy a picknick or just relax.

Be prepared that you will not be the only visitor. The place is well-known

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The waterfalls

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When you continue on the walkway, you will reach the waterfalls. They may not be dramatic or impressive, but sure they are attractively located in the forest.

The steep walls around the last waterfall give youngsters a good opportunity to show there courage.

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Aug 2022 Update : There are 2 more falls upriver. It takes about 20mins plus of hiking following the clear trail on the right side of the river. The upper levels are usually quiet as few visitors venture up to this point. Water cascades down a narrow crevice of the rock and forms a nice pool at its outflow.

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Upper Tekala Fall

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Tekala Falls : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

logathetrekker 07-08-2015
Went on 21/2/99 and the water is so much cleaner than now. Well that is how things are nowadays.
Hadi 06-07-2013
Be careful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jalan Sungai Lalang road from the Jalan Sungai Tekali access to the Tekali waterfall has collapsed near the Semenyih dam. Many cars have fallen down and unfortunately some passengers died there. Even today July 6th 2013 a lady driver fall/crashed to the valley but survived. Choose another path from Semnyih area to the Tekali waterfall. Have a safe and pleasant journey to the Tekali fall :)
Vivek A 20-05-2013
Just today myself and 2 friends visited to there. From Seminiyah 10 minutes journey. Really excellent place and able to enjoy with 4 different falls and on very top a xcellant fall into cave we have enjoyed by trekking along dark forest. The top 2 falls suit for youngster to reach and others are not recommendable as those are located in too dark forest to be trekking on risky jungle. Totally this is suit for family and youngster. Also very nearby there is a large fishing lake per 3 hour 25 /-Rm. And a water dam, which was closed and no entry for visitor. I dont know why not allowing for visitor as it s too nice place. Note: The road via ampang is closed by road slide and you should take the route via seminiyah to reach here.
satindolls2008 12-04-2010
Nice to trek, EXCELLENT to picnic and dip and shoot models, JUST be careful while trekking because some rocks may be SLIPPERY as usual....
TCB 09-05-2009
The last time I went water level was low and not too clean due to overcrowding. Nevertheless is a suitable waterfall for kids.
Rick@NatureEscapes 03-01-2009
Tekala is a nice picnic spot and a place for the kids to swim. Camping is available across the main entrance in a fenced off section. A crowd favourite on the weekends, but some new toilet and changing room facilities. Keep walking upriver and uphill for a nice easy hike.
loongtwi 24-12-2008
my visit was on 14dec08... RM1 per head... quite crowded during weekend, the water is not too clear and not too cold as well... easy for family outing...
Deva 23-09-2008
Very nice place for small children. Been there 3/4 times over the last two months. Only problem during our last trip was that there were too many monkeys and most of our time was spent guarding our belongings as opposed to having a good time in the water. Apart from that beatiful place - a definite place to visit with the family.
Turki 15-12-2007
Very nice place for families with children. Closes at 7 PM.
Tony Sung 03-12-2007
Perfect getaway for the family with children. Easy assess. Crowded during the weekends.