Sendat Falls

State Selangor
LocationUlu Yam Baharu
Coordinates and map N03 24.21' E101 41.19'
Water SourceRiver
Waterfall ProfileNear vertical Falls
AccessibilityDirt road and some walking

Just outside Ulu Yam Baharu, a 4 km dirt road runs into the forest reserve. This road ends at a ramshackle bridge where you can park the car. From there it is a short walk to the falls

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This signboard shows the way to the forest reserve

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It is advisable to park your car, and walk from here to the fall..:-)

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We found many species of ginger flowers during our visit

The Sendat falls consists of two tiers. The falls are located in a very shaded forest, very suitable to have a picknick on a hot day. There are some more small cataracts.

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The main fall with a nice pool.

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One of the smaller cascades.

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The upper part of the Sendat Fall

Archived page available

Check if you need a permit before planning a waterfall trip. More information here

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

logathetrekker 17-08-2015
First went there on 13/5/01. Must be very careful with the third fall. Even the second one must be careful.
taufiqsyedmohd 05-02-2014
Just camped at this place on Fed Territory Day, 2014. Me and friends camped for 1 night only.
It was good to came back here and see the development that have been done to this place, the access road have been paved and no more titi kayu at the entrance.
here are some info I can share on my recent camp out at Sendat Falls

1. Entrance per adult is RM2 and children if Im not mistaken.
2. the entry signboard says RM5 per adult for camping, but the ranger who were guarding the entrance dont accept payment for camp, they only accept entrance. We stil have to pay for entrance even though we were planning to camp. The ranger said there will be another ranger in charge of camping activities inside.
3. Before we set up the camp side, we looked for the ranger who are in charge of camp activities but no where to be found. So we asked the ranger who was sitting at the toilet entrance, he said, for camp will be charge per tent RM5 per night. but since he was not the person in charge so we left and just set up our camp side.
4. the camp side provided is very well maintained, camp side is on the right side of the park so its not on the waterfall side. daytime, those who with families might picnic here and use the camp side, maybe because at the waterfall side most of the time is crowded with people and less dry and flat land that are suitable for kids.
5. night time, it was just us and a group of 4 wheelers camped there. and the ranger who are in charge of camp activities are no where to be found so we camped there without any fee.
6. public toilet will only be open from 8am to 5pm. So if you are not so comfortable doing business in the wild or changing clothes, do it before they closed.
7. Im not sure about surau on what time they will closed, I just prayed at my camp side as it was easily to be done there due to there's alot of clean, dry and flat land to pray.
8. If you are expecting people selling foods and drinks there, you better not. Not all the time motorbike food seller will be there. From what I saw, there was seller who sells Sate Ikan and ice cream. So its better to bring enough foods and beverages on your own.
9. even though it was nicely developed, the parking compound was pitch black during night time. No security guards or any rangers during night time. It is advisable to do rounding and check your vehicle. Theres a small land where you can park your car in the camp site, I cant explain where, but the entrance to the small land parking lot is nearby the main entrance, near the titi kayu where the rangers will collect entrance fee.
10. during night time, beware of stray dogs. we saw a few times a group of stray dogs running around, howling, fighting nearby our camp side but fortunately they dont kacau us and we dont kacau them.

I guess, thats it I can share for now. look forward to camp here again in near future :)

che din 01-04-2012
sg sendat dah ada banyak kemudahan sekarang ni... toilet, surau, wakaf, tapak camping ...siap ada renjer utk kawasan ni... titi baru pun dah siap , kereta boleh masuk parking sampai ke gigi air.. 100 meter jer dari waterfall. masuk kena bayar sket.. satu kepala singgit jer.. kalau boleh bagi la lebih, kira sedekah la,...bleh wat cover kos utk kebersihan tempat ni. kolam no 2 dan 3 tu dah ok sekarang ni. dah di tambak dengan pasir supaya x dalam sangat.. budak-budak tu siap main bola kat no 2 tu. kat cabang anak sungai yang satu lagi siap ada tapak camping. geng 4x4 selalu la buat aktiviti kat sini. baru-baru ni aku ada pergi lagi... tapi makin serabut pulak, biasa la... manusia ni, bila dah senang.. nak senang lagi. tong sampah ada banyak.. tapi masih ramai lagi yg buang sampah merata.. memang xde akal. .....tapi, ..apapun aku suka tempat ni dari dulu lagi. tips:- ..kalau pergi dengan keluarga kena datang awal.. public makin ramai datang.. so kena chop tempat dulu.
Brazilianos 12-05-2011
Went to this waterfall in March 2011. Its very developed now, with toilettes and shower facilities. We went on a sunday and it was very crowded. There are several warning signs on the 2nd and 3rd fall but people keep swimming there.
fujiliew 30-12-2010
Today 30/12/2010 another tragic accident happn at this 2nd level waterfall! 3 children (10, 13 & 19)was killed. Must ban the 2nd level waterfall already! this is too much! 3 young cousins drown at waterfall By RASHITHA A. HAMID HULU SELANGOR: A school holiday turned into a tragedy when three young cousins got caught in a whirlpool and drowned at Sendat waterfall, Ulu Yam Baru here. The three are Kok Soo Dee, 19, Tew Chew Ying, 13, and Tan Ching Wee, 10, from Bandar Sri Sentosa, Klang. It is learnt that Tew’s mother, Kok Soo Peng and another three family members had taken them all to the waterfall for a holiday break before the three returned to school next Monday. According to their driver, Sami Kimin, 43, they reached the waterfall at about 1pm and the children decided to go to the top of the waterfall to play. “Tan was playing near the bottom of the waterfall when he saw that Kok and Tew had fallen into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and were being sucked into a whirlpool,” he said when met at the Kuala Kubu Baru(KKB) Mortuary. Tan began to scream and reached out to his cousins but he also got caught in the whirl pool. Sami said he jumped in and managed to pull them out, one by one, but they had stopped breathing by then and, despite attempts to revive them, they died. Their bodies were sent to the KKB mortuary. Hulu Selangor OCPD Supt Norel Azmi Affandi Yahya said they were waiting for a post mortem report to ascertain the cause of the death.
apit 29-05-2010
aku dah pegi semalam memang besh. Jalan masuk ke sana memang agak mencabar. tapi memang berbaloi. Pool 3dan2 tu memang dalam kalu tak pandai berenang jgn mandi kat situ aku lompat dari atas batu siap buat summersault lagi ... Tapi ada jugak sampah2 yang tak dikemaskan. Selamat bercuti buat pencinta alam sekitar. Jaga kebersihan
skipcol 22-01-2010
dear all waterfalls picnickers/visitors.. waterfalls are indeed beautiful even babies like it.. can we all apart from enjoying it.. try to respect it by bringing what we bring in out of there. left footprints behind wld be just nice. nature need to be respected.. this is our world. we live here. water falls are water source of ur home water tap.. do any of u realize that ??? if u dirty waterfalls.. u get dirty water from what u do...been to sendat waterfalls many times, many years.. its getting out of control espeacially with so called park ranger ( pak guard) who knows collecting fees only. let us do our very small duty.. bring out the rubbish we bring in..tq.
Arno 03-01-2010
Just went to this water fall. It is indeed now developped, with a parking area (5RM per kereta but you can park outside for free), entrance fee per pak as per comment from Deskok below, there are toilets and shower facilities, they also provide some rubbish/litter bins, but in view of the crowd during the weekends it still not enough. Although i must admit the bins were definately not full whereas the ground was! (full of rubbish, i sadly mean). This waterfall is great fun for a big splash (although watch out the loop current, as someone mentioned, best for good swimmers) more for having a peacefull experience in the jungle (if it remains part of the jungle, as Nictancb mentioned, deforestation for palm plantations is circling around the spot... ). Hopefully some altruiste nature lover own the ground around the water falls (is it so?).
ajaqfreak 15-09-2009
sungai sendat ni depan lagi ke dari hutan lipur sungai tua?? cukup tak kapasiti hutan lipur sungai sendat ni menampung 80 pelajar untuk aktiviti rekreasi? sebab kami nak buat aktiviti di sini...
skc 07-09-2009
This is very important !!!! Do not swim in the Sendat fall at the second level pool which has strong current !!! The pool has a big and long black color hose. Be careful !!! I went to Sendat waterfall today at about 3pm, after I have arrived at the car park, 2 young guys and 1 lady ran to me in very panic asking me "Do you know how to swim, we got a friend guy stuck in the water, can you get him out !!!??" I was completely in shock, i took out my life jacket out from my car and passed to them and asked them to quickly ran up to waterfall and passed to some adults up there first. I quickly ran to the "Second Level" waterfall, quite some people surrounding the pool, after asking around i realised that a Chinese young guy was trapped inside the water by very strong current. It was already more than 20 minutes !!!! No one dared to dive into the water to find the young guy. There were were waiting for the Bomba to come !!! About 30 minutes later, the Bomba arrived, they brought some life jackets and ropes, after some site survey and discussions, few guys with the help of Bomba dived into the water to find the young guy. It was very risky for them, I saw one of them nearly got dragged into the water by the strong current. They all gave up as the current was too strong for them to control the swimming. After a while, they decided to cut the long bamboo and used the bamboo to pull out him from the water. From the lenght for bamboo going into the water, it shows the water is very deap. After some trial, they managed to retrieve the young guy who already lifeless for over 1 hour. It was very horrible experience for me to witness this. How could the second level waterfall has no sign board of warning for not swimming there ???? The last time I went there, i witnessed a guy who got pulled by the strong current at the second level pool, luckily he got saved by 2 other guys. This weekend I may go there to talk to the Penjaga (Guards) to put a warning (BAHAYA) sign board there, if possible the second level pool should be closed with fence to avoid the same tragedy from happening !!! I got to know the young group which lost his friend were first time to Sendat waterfall, they did not know that the second level pool has strong current !!! I went to Sendat waterfall for many times, the water there is cool and clean. But the first, second and thir pool has deep water, be careful for new visitors !!! The third level has the deepest pool.
TCB 10-06-2009
There is only a Jabatan Perhutanan booth at the entrance. I dont think they have a line for booking. As for items 2 and 3 you asked, I think is not an issue. Just make sure you take away all the thrash when you leave. You can always eat at the stalls at ulu yam. Plenty of nice food. I never bring any food when I visit Sendat.
eugene 08-06-2009
guys.i NEED immediate feedback from you.i am about to organizing a small trip with my friends here before we go back to books! i need quick info regarding the place: i have to make reservation for the campsite? they have toilet near the campsite? 3.can we cook;bbq etc?
TCB 07-06-2009
Been here just yesterday. There are 2 food stalls now just before the bridge at the entrance. The changes over the last 3 years is too drastic, something got to be done to protect this waterfall and perhaps all other waterfalls. It is getting real over-crowded. Before the falls land is being cleared for plantation.
TCB 26-04-2009
I rate this one better than Chiling cause the pool is large enough for a swim. Water is also one of the coldest around. Beats Chiling Falls. Nice big pool at the bottom. Unfortunately it is only a nice place to visit during weekdays. Weekends are way too crowded.
Azri 12-04-2009
Salam.. I went to Sendat yesterday.. and it was awesome.. The road was still ok, even a kancil can go in.. Not many people yesterday.. So it was a lot of fun.. The pool is (the way I look at it) in good condition.. The changing room and the toilet was ok (quite clean actually).. Oh, I took some pictures of the surrounding area and its on my blog: I might be going back there Saturday after next week >.<
Deskok 09-03-2009
The bridge was repaired, and there is a new toilet with shower facilities. However, there is also a collection booth now. For adult RM1.00 while children is RM0.50.
jason tan 09-12-2008
hi, could u please elaborate more on the batu cave-ulu yam way? thanks!
BJ 15-10-2008
Alida, I always use the Batu Caves --> Ulu Yam way. No toll, pretty easy drive plus you get to see the scenic Ulu Yam Dam lake
BJ 15-10-2008
I went there last weekend. Things have changed for the good there since last I went there. Now there is a tarred road almost all the way to the fall. Just left probably few hundred metres but looks like work is being done. Now it will be taken over by the government and they will be charging RM2 for adults and RM1 for kids. They have also built a huge toilet/changing room area. They are making the place visitor friendly. The falls is still unspoiled.
yatie 13-05-2008
Hi Alan. Is this place still beautiful and suitable for kids? Can you give direction to this place hope this weekend my family and I can get there for a picnic
golo 23-04-2008
Hi, would anyone what the condition of this waterfall is like now? is it still beautiful?? its been a rainy couple of weeks, do u think it is ok to go there early next month??
alida 22-12-2007
Alan, how to go to Sendat Waterfall from KL? do we need use PLUS hway exit to Rawang-->Serendah-->Batangkali->Uluyam baru? or do you know any alternative road from KL? we plan to go picnic at Sendat Falls
alida 22-12-2007
Your Comment Alan, how to go to Sendat Waterfall from KL? do we need use PLUS hway exit to Rawang-->Serendah-->Batangkali->Uluyam baru? or do you know any alternative road from KL? we plan to go picnic at Sendat Falls
Alan 03-09-2007
Dear Wan4, its just 200m smooth walk to the falls. Enjoy
wan4 28-08-2007
By the way, how far is the walk from broken bridge to the fall? Is it jungle trekking or smooth walk?
wan4 28-08-2007
Thanks Alan. Maybe this weeknd I'll give it another try..
Alan 26-08-2007
Just continue on the tar road. Than a stretch of dirt and stone road. There is a left turn but keep to the right path. Go till the end where u will come to a broken bridge. Dah sampai. Good Luck
wan4 26-08-2007
Last week we tried to go but at the end of tar road we turned back. Salah ke jalan tu atau terus berapa jauh lagi? Pls help.
redzuan 24-08-2007
Is there a better description of how to get there? Maybe from a main road or from a nearby, well-known landmark? I'm somewhat unfimiliar with the place even though it is not too far from where I live.
Alan 23-08-2007
Dear Atikah. Sendat falls is free for all. No rangers cos Sendat is no protected like Chiling. U do whatever u like at your own risk. Camping and fishing allowed. Email -
atikah 04-08-2007
dekat sini ada ranger tak untuk conduct aktiviti yang berkaitan macam jungle traking?ada khemah yang di sediakan tak?boleh tak bagi saya nombor untuk contant coz saya nk tau lbh lanjut tentang tempat ni?
Alan 28-07-2007
Went picnic with family on 22/07/07. Second time at Sendat. Still a nice waterfall. Well kept and quite clean. It rained in the afternoon and the falls became a torrent.
Alan 19-07-2007
Hi, Azan. Nak masuk Sendat senang. Apa jenis kereta pun boleh masuk. This Sunday i pergi picnic sama keluarga. Jom, pergi lah.
azan 17-07-2007
sekarang kalau nak masuk sungai sendat susah lagi tak?
neeza 21-02-2007
This is my third time to Sendat Waterfalls and really dissapointed with what we found..i.e. Shampoo bottle, food styrofoam, plastic bag, alot of tit bits plastic and etc...It is sad to see when parents and some local kids don't know how to appreciate nature...:( I really hope that Malaysia government put a little bit of efford in controlling this to happen to our nature..
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