Templer Falls

State Selangor
Locationin Templer Park, off the road KL-Rawang
Coordinates and map N03 17.60' E101 39.25'
Water SourceSg. Rangkap, Natural Stream
Waterfall Profile2-Tier Cascade Falls
AccessibilityTrekking, <1 hour

Templer Falls is a 2-tier waterfall with many shallow cascade pools. The lower tier has a wide sandy pool while the top tier is a tall sloped cascade fall. Templer Fall is less popular compared to the nearby Kanching Falls, as the waterfall is not straightforward and requires visitors to hike along the mostly flat terrain riverside jungle trail over multiple bridges to reach. The hike is suitable for beginners and the waterfall is well worth the effort with crystal clear waters.

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Templer Fall (Lower Tier)

Head to Rawang town as the landmark. The entrance to Templer Park is on the left of Jalan Rawang southbound to KL. Look out for the large signposted entry gate (Image 1) which is the junction to turn into. There are plenty of parking spaces here and on weekends the riverside park can be crowded with families having a picnic.
Proceed up the stairs and inside visitors will find a large deep swimming pool.(Image 2) Currently the pool is drained and it is not known if the pool will be filled back up again. On the left there is a series of stairs that will lead to the old water catchment dam where the river trail starts. There are a number of river crossings but visitors will not need to wet their feet as there are either zig-zag or straight bridges constructed in the past that still holds up to this day. The jungle trail is clear and visitors will arrive at the waterfall in less than 1 hour.

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Image 1

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Image 2

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The bridges have been constructed with fantasy

The final cascades are quite tall and at the top there are a few nice bathtub like pools, perfect for a relaxing bath.

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An aerial view of the big cascade at the end

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A view from the top of the cascade, down into the valley

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Templer Fall Wide Scene

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Templer Falls : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

logathetrekker 22-07-2015
I did a walkabout alone in this place on 27.05.1997. It was good back then.
david 14-07-2013
The place is not too bad eventhough got some rubbish, it is only at the picnic spot. Other places, still quite clean. There were a few Indians there, but they dont disturb you. What I disliked however was there were some empty whisky bottles around the area. Also there are leeches, no I am not referring to the BN politicians. So come prepared with socks/repellent.
eric 08-04-2013
Abandoned place. Went to Taman rekreasi Sg. Kanching instead 3km away. The caretakers said that alot drunken indian harass peoples especially couples. Drink and throw bottles causing shards of glasses around. Went April/13 with bunch of friends.
fir 11-05-2012
9/5/2012-seorang pengunjung hilang dikawasan ini lelaki sikh 51 thn,bomba/JPAM sedang menjalankan kerja2 mencari dan menyelamat dikawasan ini,sehingga hr ini 13/5/2012 masih belum dijumpai....minta pengunjung supaya berhati2 dikawasan ini kerana dikuatiri boleh tersesat dihutan ini......
satindolls2008 12-04-2010
Too much rubbish strewn especially around the shelters and campsite areas. This has been a VERY IRRESPONSIBLE and IGNORANT act of trekkers and campers lately....but the trek and surroundings are OK though...
Rick@NatureEscapes 30-12-2008
Just made my a visit to Templers Park last week after ten years. The pool area is nicely done despite the lack of lots of shelters for the crowd. The trail to the waterfall is good and it was a quiet and relaxing jungle walk. A few campers the falls. I did not take the trail loop from atop the falls back to the pool area. Next time. A very nice day outing for the family when there are no crowds.
Suren 03-10-2008
Hi semua, i pergi berkelah dengan keluarga i pada 1/10/2008 di templer park. Keadan di sana cukup melegakan saya. kami semua gembira di sana cukup cukup tidak dapat gambarkan perasan saya. kedalaman air pun tidak dalam dan sesuai untuk semua golongan.tetapi i tidak terima kelakuan sekumpulan kawan lelaki yang cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk minum minuman keras disitu. tidak membuatkan ramai yang tidak puas hati dengan kelakuan mereka.. cukup memalukan rakyat malaysia disebabkan ramai juga pengunjung luar negara disitu,..i tak salah buat gitu tetapi itu bukannya tempat yang sesuai untuk minuman itu.. cubalah bersikap rasoinal sikit.tetapi hanya memikirkan diri sendiri sahaja.. harap selepas ini tak akan berlaku lagi..~!!!