The History of this Site

Around 1994 Khong and a group of friends around him became interested in the waterfalls of Malaysia. Travelling all around the country they collected information and published it on the Internet. Some of those founders changed their interests, others joined the group.
Recently there has been a major reorganisation of the website.
The old site is still available here (broken links may occur!).

Here is an (incomplete) list of the Fellowship of the Falls.

The Founder of the group, always full of energy. Now deep in digiscoping
The Photographer of the group in its early days.
Always in for a good joke

The Quartermaster
The Cheer leader, taking care of the accounts

Joined later and did a lot of the original webdesign
Recent addition. Has many plans for the future, but unfortunately no time yet to execute them

A real waterfall addict. Dynamic organiser of waterfall trips.
Our newest member. Has her own waterfall website

An Expat from Holland, a country flat as a pancake. Probably because of that very interested in waterfalls. The present webmaster of the site