Waterfalls for the whole family

Fabled falls in the Western hills

This fall can be reached by following the Pan-Island Highways to the more remote western side of the island. From the town of Balik Pulau heading north, the road goes uphill and meanders on the hills’ slopes. At one point, the road takes a sharp bend and at the same time passes a bridge neatly painted white.

This is where the river crosses the road.

Immediately after the bridge, a vendor has set up a souvenir shop, dealing in local produces, mainly local fruits. The huge signboard also confirms the location of this picnic spot.

The approach to the area where the waterfall is, are paved steps to take visitors over the boulders and over the river.

Just a 100 meters inside, there are 2 waterfalls, one with water spillover from the discharge pipe. The second one is a natural cascading fall. The local authority has chosen this point to collect drinking water for the community living on the western side of the island.

This is a popular picnic spot with the locals. The water here is clean, clear and suitable for playing.

The one thing that struck us in the recent visit, was the sight of an unusually large amount of rubbish that was scattered all over this vacation area.

Worst of all, was the stench of human waste. The signboard shown here together with the pile of rubbish gives you an indication of things to expect if you intend to check out the fall.