Waterfalls   for the adventurous

The Waterfalls of Waterfall Garden

The Penang Botanical Garden was commonly known as the Waterfall Garden. There are still names of road, restaurants and hotels around that vicinity that took after this name

Many years ago, there was a clean beautiful streams, with fishes, weeds and pools for the youngsters.

More developments up in the hills and more water from the diminishing source, many a times this poor river is almost dry. Gone is also the prominent "Waterfall" overlooking the Garden.

The change in the weather system that has brought an unnaturally wet season and long spell, re-kindled that waterfall lately.

Though not permitted and not advisable, the way to this waterfall is a near vertical trek on an adjacent hill beside the left bank of the river. It is one of the beautiful treks that I had ever seen.

Very soon after close to a few hundred feet climb, this rest place will be in sight!

At the big tree where the signs were at that time, a visible path led down the very steep slope. It was a short trail. You are on your own from there to the waterfall, a little to the right down hills!